Thursday, March 10, 2011


We left Louisiana Wednesday intending to head for Gulf Shores but decided to head somewhere closer to home instead.   We took the back roads most of the way and saw some quaint small towns and beautiful plantation homes. We stopped in Rosedale, LA to do some genealogy research.  I went to the visitor center and asked if there were any old cemeteries in the area and the lady handed me a brochure.  Imagine my surprise when the brochure contained a picture of the gravesite Austin Woolfolk, the person I was looking for.

Austin Woolfolk grave

Also, among the plantations houses in the brochure was a picture of Austin Woolfolk's house, Mound Plantation.
The Mound Plantation
From Rosedale we took the river road to Natchez then on to Vicksburg.
Today we toured the National Battlefield in Vicksburg and a museum.

Gunboat Cairo

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mardi Gras: Addendum

Here are some photos taken by Sissie Puckett, our "official" group photograher.

Gene loves his crawfish!
Sissie and a crawfish

Peggy gets a peeling lesson from James

Sissie and the boys


Expecting rain, ladies?

I don't think OSHA would approve

Don checks out the facilities on the float
Peggy tries it out for size

A watched pot .......

Getting ready for Mardi Gras


The "old folks" float

The float judging by the king and queen

We show our Mardi Gras spirit, they were impressed enough
to award us with first place
And the beads start flying


One final group shot to celebrate a great Mardi Gras!
Can't get enough of those Crawfish

Until next year!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mardi Gras Parade

Who are these gorgeous babes? (Hint: two of them are sisters
and two are mother and daughter)
Kaplan gets ready for the parade
The grand finale to a great vacation!  We rode in the Kaplan, LA parade today and it was great fun!

The truck is loaded

The float is filled with beads and people

One of over 50 floats

Getting ready for the parade to start

James and our co-pilot, Amber
Unfortunately, I was so busy throwing beads and toys I did not have time to take any more photos of the parade.  Also want to mention that we won 1ST PLACE for our float!
Despite a gloomy forecast, we only had a couple of quick rain showers and nice warm temps for the parade.
Everyone has had a fabulous time last past few weeks and look forward to coming back in the future.
Tomorrow we head east.